💕 A dream is a wish your heart makes 💕

Every since I was tiny (I can't say little, because 5'3 isn't exactly big, lol) my dream has been to have my own personal bookstore. A place that is cosy, comfy, dark, and inviting. I absolutely adore books, my spouse says they are my religion (and they may be right!). But I also love to make things. So when my friends asked me to make duplicates of their favorite candles from a well known candle/body care chain, I couldn't pass up the challenge. Not only did I meet their expectations, I defied them, and Witch's Brew candle was created. But that wasn't all. In our Pacific Northwest climate, winter can be brutal on skin. I remembered a long time ago a certain green shop used to have my absolute favorite thick moisturizing body butter in the most luscious coffee scent. I spent time researching, tinkering, et voila! Witch's Brew coffee butter came to be. After sharing batches with my friends and family, I started having others request the products - excited to try for themselves what everyone was raving about. And that's how Christensen & Ross came to be. As for the name, Christensen is my last name, and Ross is my family name from my father's side - we are proud to be Clan Ross. It's a tradition that at least one person in every generation has the name Ross, and my grandmother before she died asked that I carry on the tradition with my children. So, my children have the name Ross and my business does as well, to honor my grandmother and our family. Read More

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